Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dealing with Commie Rats

WASHINGTON (AP) - Having lost patience with China, the Trump administration is studying new steps to starve North Korea of cash for its nuclear program, including an option that would infuriate Beijing: sanctions on Chinese companies that help keep the North's economy afloat. It's an approach that's paid off for the U.S. in the past, especially with Iran, where American economic penalties helped drive Tehran to the nuclear negotiating table. Yet there are significant risks, too, including the possibility of opening a new rift with Beijing that could complicate U.S. diplomatic efforts on other critical issues. The renewed look at "secondary sanctions" comes as Washington seeks a forceful response to North Korea's test this week of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could strike the United States.
Trump  can hit N Korea, Jerry Brown, and Xi Ping Pong  by adding tariffs on California imported Tesla batteries.  

This does three things, it sends a very strong message to Commie rats about North Korea.  It forces California environmentalists to take a real physics class. And finally, it stops Jerry from stealing do-re-me from little browns and handing it over to Elon.

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