Saturday, July 15, 2017

Does the sandbox support the gold standard?

You bet.

Our cash cards hold gold certificates, if we want.  We can redeem them for actual gold, in a few days.  Gold is popular, for a lot of things.  But the sandbox can do savings and loan on gold,  adding a bit of distortion, be forewarned.  But with a bit of the old S&L, our gold companies can compete for bigger market, they can test price boundaries, sets the basket sizes, and gold distribution becomes a simple FedEx trick.

We got silver standard but the platinum standard may not yield economies..

Any channel makes for monetary tuning.  So, if you have a large business, just go to the corporate BodA and ask for a Redneck compatible, application specific, multi-currency, S&L pit; with third color add on..  They got em, or have them e mail me.

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