Monday, July 3, 2017

First mover problem and the sandbox

When the 10,000 wealthiest people get a complete cash card, secure element to spec, then Goldman Sachs no longer corrals the debt pool for the senators.

All the wealthy are in Barclay's special sandbox, trading stocks on the Delaware block chain, running an even money bot on the Barclay auto-liquidity pit, and trading coins at CoinBase.  The entire world rushing to get their assets on ledger, and secure elements in hand.  It leaves the US government bond market sparse and the senators ain't ready, they think they have two years.

We get a sudden rate jump, Congress shuts.  It is critical that the central bankers know we still do S&L it is not all block chain. We got the congestion problem nailed, no arbitrage.

So, the central bank needs to lead its member banks to the sandbox, sooner than later. They are congestion managers for the Fed. The senators can focus on  dumping debt into the default machine. We can get back to normal in ten years with inflation under 5%, the senators cut their debt in half.  But, suggestion, don't raise the debt or at least stall and drag it out another six months.

So.. unchain the banks, tell them to  go full sandbox.

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