Monday, July 17, 2017

Goldman claims ownership to something that does this:
“The described technology concerns one or more methods, systems, apparatuses, and mediums storing processor-executable process steps to substantively instantly settle securities, based on cryptographic currency technology, without the risks associated with traditional settlement technologies.”
In the sandbox, the unpatented method has your trading bot in possession of the security , possession by cryptographic signing and an ongoing thumb print pattern.  The fulfillment is fulfilled upon receipt of the fulfillment contract, that crypto token can be redeemed at your local truck stop, or the clerk just threw it in the bag, or registered at the Delaware stock block chain at your leisure,. The sandbox claims no advancement on the cash purchase, we consider it fine and dandy. It applies to shoes, gold, stocks, deposits and bubblegum.

The pit boss can and should  make the market to precision, but that is not patentable, that is just proper theory. After a warning, the deal is done buyer and seller informed.

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