Saturday, July 8, 2017

I had already agreed

Police have released a newly obtained video of the crash involving Venus Williams in which the passenger in a second car was killed, and declared that she was driving "lawfully" when she entered the intersection. 
 Initial reports indicated that police had ruled Williams at fault and that she caused the accident by being in the intersection during a red light. According to the statement released by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, this new evidence was obtained from a surveillance camera in a community near the intersection. 
According to the police, the new video shows that Williams entered the intersection with the light green, but was cut off by a car turning in front of her. This caused her to stop in the intersection at which point she was hit by the second vehicle
When I read about the accident, I wondered why any car would ram into a stopped object when there was plenty of warning.  Venus did not pull into a red light, she got stuck at green.  Therefore, the oncoming car should have had plenty of time to stop. 

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