Wednesday, July 26, 2017

LA Mayor: Let's move the world's poor to LA County

In this report we find that three professors have answered the age old problem, how can California create a steadily increasingly stream of homeless people into LA.   Three professors propose a parcel tax, one that insures nearly a billion a year to pay the moving expenses of the world's poor people during their trip to LA:
But this “small land tax” of $3 a day is equal to $1,100 a year.  And based on 785,000 parcels in the City, City Hall would be flooded with $860 million a year, a truly scary thought given the lack fiscal responsibility and managerial competence of our elected officials.   This $860 million in new taxes is the equivalent of a 16% increase in our property taxes, a 1.3 cent bump in our sales tax, or a 15% increase in the City’s $5.8 billion budget.  It is over $200 for every Angeleno and over $850 for a family of four.  

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