Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lobbyists in California will have to drop drawer

SACRAMENTO – A letter late last month from the state Legislature’s six special-interest caucuses asking California lobbying firms to provide legislators with detailed demographic data has sparked debate and controversy within the Capitol and media. The Sacramento Bee reported last week.The Sacramento Bee reported last week that “leaders of the Legislative Asian Pacific Islander, Black, Jewish, Latino, LGBT and Women’s caucuses” are seeking information about the “race, ethnicity, gender and openly gay or lesbian orientation” of the employees of lobbying firms.
The prefered races want to inspect your genitals. 

I love the caucus in boldface.  It really means, "anybody but whites".  Evidently they check any hanging fruit you might have between your legs. I never knew genital inspection was a Jewish ritual. Could all this be related to the stand,sit or squat issue regarding bathrooms?

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