Monday, July 17, 2017

My thoughts on the bitcoin scaling Aug event

Segwit was good.  It went along with my view that the token and coin are separate.  If Segwit2 improves that, fine, I dunno.

I am neutral on block size.  S&L is coming and it can adapt. Secure element means bitcoin starts pricing goods, S&L is a necessity. The branded side chain can swap individual signings for its own, and the calls to block chain are managed with entry and exit of accounts.

My issue is the date, who is voting? Two exchanges are shutting, the rumor is hold your coins at home.  The remaining voters are the hedgers and miners, and they all meet on a single day?  The coin exchangers need a high fee service, risk takers can bet closer to the event.  A sparse vote will be chaos.

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