Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Obamacare specialists actually killing people

Here we have Obamacare paying for rehab houses in Florida, but the rehab houses are nothing but a sham, a place to live in Florida and shoot heroin.  Basically 600 overdose deaths a year.  In California, government rehab seldom works but we have to try it anyway because the rehabers unionized.
The health care repeal bill now before Congress would cut off insurance money guaranteed under Obamacare that these sober homes have used as an ATM. But the loss of treatment money will be felt by the reputable homes and treatment centers as well, leaving thousands of addicts vulnerable.
In the meantime, the flow of young addicts into the county has not eased. It’s impossible to estimate just exactly how many patients live at these sober homes, but it’s easily in the thousands, 90 percent of whom are from out of state, and many of whom arebarely college age, according to Amoroso. Amoroso has taken to pleading directly with parents across the country who are sending their children here for help that too often doesn’t come:
“Stop sending your kids to South Florida, because we’re sending them home in body bags.”

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