Monday, July 24, 2017

Obamacare id icky poo says Trumpster

Trump is not an Obamacare fan, says healthcare is in collapse.

One day before the Senate votes whether to begin debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act, President Trump called the 2010 law "death" and a "nightmare" that has wreaked havoc on the lives of Americans.
Speaking from the Blue Room in the White House Monday, Trump argued that Republicans who fail to support the motion to proceed on repealing the health care law will be supporting the existing law in essence.
"The question for every Senator, Democrat or Republican, is whether they will side with Obamacare's architects, which have been so destructive to our country, or with its forgotten victims," he said. "Any Senator who votes against starting debate is telling America that you are fine with the Obamacare nightmare."

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