Tuesday, July 18, 2017

San Diego politicians public cheating on Prop B

The San Diego City Council is slated Tuesday to create 12 more high-paying “program manager” and “program coordinator” positions, which have previously been used to give employees large raises despite a voter-imposed salary freeze.City officials said they don’t know how large the pay hikes will be because it’s uncertain which employees will be promoted into the new jobs, or whether the city might fill some of the positions with outside applicants.The Union-Tribune this spring identified 141 employees who got large raises after being promoted to either program manager or program coordinator between 2012, when voters approved the Proposition B salary freeze, and 2016.

It makes one wonder.

How does a politician get in front of the press and announce that they have cheated on the spirit and letter of the law, as approved by voters? It is the hopelessness of the California totalitarian system, like the old communist elections that returned 99% of the vote to incumbents.

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