Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sandbox needs S&L tech says BofA

A discussion of BofA's report on crypto says  that we need to pledge bitcoin as collateral. That means a margin technology, or savings and loan technology is not there.  Bitcoiners? Getting the message?

Still, bitcoin and ethereum have delivered impressive returns so far as fiat currency flowed into these digital tokens. Is it realistic to assume cryptocurrencies will continue to appreciate over time? The dollar price of gold has appreciated over centuries in line with inflation, but some periods have experienced much faster gold price appreciation than others. Moreover, periods of high real interest rates have been particularly damaging for gold returns in the past. In our view, cryptocurrency returns will mostly depend on the faith placed by individuals, corporations, and financial institutions on this emerging technology. As discussed earlier, there are large inherent risks to digital tokens such as fraud, hacking, outright theft, new protocol adoption, limited acceptance, and that it is not legal tender in many places in the world. Moreover, a crucial hurdle remains. Most regulated financial institutions allow their clients to borrow against financial or physical assets, but we are not aware of any major institution that takes cryptocurrency as collateral at the moment. Thus, in our view, a key step for bitcoin would be for it to become pledgeable collateral.

How can bitcoin get this done?

Custodial, branded side chain assuming trusted network.  Pledge a bitcoin wallet as bit error capital and go offer loan to saving auto trading, like a credit/debit card combined, or like a money market with asynchronous terms.  Be sure and dump time, leave term debt to the smart layer where default insurance is available. 

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