Sunday, July 23, 2017

Secret words we cannot tell the techies

Don;t let them know that money is all about keeping in and out queues stable in an arbitrary network. If you also add, and they use credit and debit charges, as needed, on a local basis to balance queues.

If they know that, then they get that the micro-pricing problem they have been dealing with for eternity is the solved mondey problem. Then they will get the separation between trusted and untrusted networks be able to measure leakage and before you know it they will replace old style money technology.

They will build exchanges and liquidity machines with clear separation between pit boss and client. They will adapt asynchronous auto trading and price compression to eliminate time hogs.  They will  make the no arbitration cash layer and define clearly the smart layer boundary.  Bankers will get a clue, like soon and sooner.

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