Sunday, July 16, 2017

The GS to Senate scam in all its glory

GS knows the trade book, it manages the trade book where it is the order book for new debt from the senate.  The senate operates only with the help of the GS team, someone has to do it.

GS needs 200 wealthy clients to produce the needed do-re-me.  These clients get second look, GS gets first.  GS sends out the news letter called treasury needs, prediction.  It has another, expected change in the ten year yield.

What all this really means is, put enough dough on debt to keep the ten year low and force Janet to keep the one year low and low volatility makes yields converge. Thus, put the rest of your do-re-me on the market.  The GS wealth group, plus the other major primaries, set volatility low and easily work Black-Sholes in reverse.

The way out is technology, oddly, new,  more accurate money tech. The  bots always see the queue in fair order thus pricing volatility.  If we finish the system, well tested, the  central banks will relent.

Rigged, violates free entry and exit; prevents fair trade book access.

Central banking needs the divide.  The folks back there can turn the knob, no problem, their pit boss is observable, even money bots exist. Or two knobs, or a three color, can do all of that, but your knobs get wienerized.

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