Sunday, July 2, 2017

Today, WalMart can hold digital tax dollars

The Visa and Master Charge tokens can be batched in store, for days, as long as the customers has secure element.  Regular customers can batch up their payments over a week, even pay an interest charge. The Red/Green indicator would strongly hint to the customer that putting some cash on deposit at a WalMart computer closet is a good idea.

Easy to do, include automated S&L, relieves riots and congestion.  The store manger has to give the old biometric sign off on a frequent basis and should know when something has beserked that he can pull the jam flag.

The sandbox an encapsulate and congest properly any digital money. If it is reasonable money, sandbox turns it into bearer cash.

How do WalMart customers get a secure element?

Go to your nearest retail outlet, the outlet where you like to swap cash for goodies, and buy one.  Ask WalMart, they know a few good retail outlets that sell you a WalMart certified secure element.

What if you just love WalMart?

Not a problem, WalMart lets you shop completely in WalMart value points.  If you like the place then swap tax dollars for value points on a regular basis, and WalMart service will always be at you feet. We can do a lot of stuff with the WalMart branded, portable, secure element.  The efficiency gains so enormous, never seen before.

Is their a WalMart Btc?

Why no, WalMart can run another bitcoin processor board in he closet, the WalMart branded wallets are multi-currency You can even do your Btc banking right their, in your local WalMart closet.

But wait! That's not all.

WalMart has some great apps for buyers clubs, product code organizers which let special customer groups reserve transport space for their favorite goodies. All the apps written in javascript, and they download into app space on your wallet! Thus, you card knows the contracted goodie preferences as you walk the store.  WalMart thus bridges the gap quite nicely between brick and mortar vs online, they have he edge.

So, go down, right now, and pre-order your WalMart branded wallet.

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