Monday, July 31, 2017

Uber took my advice

NEW YORK (AP) -- Riding-sharing company Uber plans to launch its own credit card, partnering with the British bank Barclays.The card will be coming later this year, Barclays said last week.Uber would be the first of the riding-sharing companies to have a co-branded credit card, which are a popular way for companies to cement customer loyalty. They typically give points or credits toward awards, with the most popular cards offering airlines and hotels.
I said that this is the path to profits a few weeks ago.  Wow, that was quick! Send me my usual fee. 

But Uber has a reliable customer than they have a reliable budget so they can derive credit risk from customer ride activities. This is a trustless network, but well managed.  So, offer the credit card in either fiat or bitcoin.

I turned down the CEO job at Uber, it requires frequent bathing to look cool and all.

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