Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why bother working

The key forward-­looking economic question is what the drug crisis means for the employment prospects of US workers,” he said. “Does the drug epidemic imply that many of the remaining pool of non­working Americans are nearly unemployable? Could the unemployment rate now overstate true slack?”The Fed’s May Beige Book referenced reports that job applicants for some low-skilled positions were not able to pass drug tests. This comes as many employers struggle to fill job openings, which are at a record high.Economist Alan Krueger has shown that almost 50% of prime-age men not in the labor force take pain medication every day. This is confirmed by data cited by Goldman Sachs, which showed out of all admissions to substance abuse treatment services, 47% of individuals not in the labor force were admitted for opioids.
Why would anyone work when government consistently robs you?   

Today's young workers had nothing to do with the 20 trillion in debt, and the 600 billion in interest payments.  That was Kevin Drum and Krugman doing the Magic Walrus; and John McCain funding bogus military projects.  All of this happened before the millennials were allowed to vote, all of it happened with a grossly out of balance state system.  Millennials, no need to take the drug, you are in the right.  Your best bet is a government default sooner than later

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