Sunday, July 9, 2017

Xi Ping Pong, treacherous rat

China is North Korea’s primary patronIn general, exports from one country to another can be mostly explained by the distance between them and the sizes of their markets, a pattern that holds for China and North Korea.Geographically, they share a large border, which makes China a natural partner for trade. North Korea also abuts South Korea, which doesn’t trade with its rival, and shares a tiny border crossing with Russia, with whom it trades a little (more on that later).China’s large market, proximity and willingness to trade with North Korea has led to a situation in which the latter has become highly dependent on trade with its primary patron. About half of North Korean exports and imports go directly to and from China and much of the rest of its trade is handled indirectly by Chinese middlemen.
So the commie rats play the double deal. I can see why Trump want tariffs on China. 

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