Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Yes, Dylan Matthews, evolution works

Dylan Matthews touts immigration, says we should push it.  

He knows, I presume, that mass migrations are the methods of evolution.  I am sure he has heard about Neanderthals, the Hittites, and so on.  All gone, all disappeared because of mass migration as part of evolution. 
Matthews urges Democrats to tout “the enormous economic benefits immigration brings to most Americans.” He admits that immigration hurts poor, low-skilled workers but enthusiastically notes that other workers are not harmed. He claims that “immigration appears to increase high school graduation rates among natives.”Matthews also announces that Democrats should ignore “Americans’ yearning for social cohesion.” He ridicules Beinart for observing that new immigrants are taking longer to learn English.

My question to the Democrats is, immigration is OK, but do you really want to advertise globally to the entire world that they are welcome here in the USA, to help us evolve?   Why not go about our business and generally make it easier to move around, as needed.  

Advertising for masses of millions is easy, especially with our military and state department. Over the generations our war declarations and war making has generated millions and millions of people moving around en mass.  Hundred of millions die as our governments participate in mass migrations.

Like, why would Pres Carter advertise for hundreds of thousands of Cubans to suddenly go floating? Why did he have to go on TV, look all megalomaniac, raise his eyebrows, and say, "Yes, we welcome all the Cuban immigrants" and added! "with open arms", to which Castro added, "Especially the ones in my prison"

Carter  should have done his work on the QT. Carter made the same mistake (and many of them) that Dylan makes.

Or the Cal Dems who simultaneously invite the world to become California citizens and vote for free medical care.  How is Jerry Brown going to get 100,000 each for the 100  million Asians who come over for heart surgery?

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