Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Building the trusted nets

We want the card not present fraud close to zero. Start with travel, checkin ID at hotel and lights, almost no fraud.   This is where we go to custodial coins, and either of the two block chains will find niche. The first money market card denominated in one of the blockchains will arrive soon.

All the buyers' clubs, membership is a fraud protection, these come next. In tax dollars, they exist, as in Uber; a buyers club, and stores offer them.  But mostly what is new is the money market pit applied to buyers club in tax dollars, and that happens next.   WalMart will run a money market for its bonafide customers, government cannot deny that for long with the advent of sandbox.  Amazon will make its own money market card.

Two year roll out, trillions of dollars, millions of bitcoin in flow. All of it, asynchronous automated trading.

In related news:
Two teams of heavy thinkers want better ideas for scaling block chain.
Both teams, however, have a problem with Segwit2x. Nchain supports the 2mb fork increase. However, Nchain claims it is not enough. In staying true toSatoshi Nakamoto’s original vision, Nchain wants to see larger scaling initiatives for the Segwit fork of bitcoin. Nchain said they will remain open for communication and new research development to help bootstrap bitcoin with more network capacity.
Other than trusted net, I presume.  Not my field, but I will think on  it.

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