Friday, August 4, 2017

Funny jobs report

All part time, many food and beverage.  And the drop in full time jobs. (I am using the Zero Hedge analysis, which is good).

I think something bimodal has happened,. and I suspect low rates and Obamacare. Whatever the employer regulations,they seem to incentivize low wage service jobs, part time.  Something is goofy, as if the economy is faking it, just squeezing a few quick bucks before the downturn.

Unemployment dropped, the kids are working.  So we likely had voluntary quits, retirees, boomers.  Next report we hear will be an unexpected deficit to cover lost wages and increased payouts. The Pina Colada effect.  The boomers agree to get served drinks on the beach and watch kitten videos. Zuckerberg does the rest.

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