Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Matt Levine does crypto

"There's a house full of cryptocurrency gurus in San Francisco, and it's like a modern-day commune." Oh it's like a commune is it? I wonder how they divide up the chores. "I will exchange 0.65 takeoutthetrashcoins for 1 doingthedishescoin," one resident's bot is probably saying to another's on the local cryptochore exchange. 
Home baker's coin.

Your site has local distribution and you sell bakery products online, in bakers' coin  Your site has a zero mean S&L engine, club members buy bakers' coin on any exchange, mostly the one at your site. Then you raise or lower the price of bakers' goods in bakers' coin such that bit error is zero mean.

Why? It is easy and fun if the club members know each other.  Otherwise, you sell bakers' coin to Walmart, and they put bakers' goods on the shelf with a bakers' coin discount.

Is bakers' coin really money?  It sits somewhere in the middle of coin and contract.    I will get back  to this after the marketers here at Redneck systems sort it.

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