Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Once we vote for the crap we have to pay for the crap

 The Labor Department reports 7.6 million workers held multiple jobs last month, up 2% from 7.4 million in July 2016.  That’s back to highs not seen in 20 years. And it should not be mistaken as a sign of healthy entrepreneurship. "The principal reason workers hold more than one position is that no single job provides a sufficient income," adds Sri-Kumar. "In a robust economic recovery, the number of full-time workers should be rising, and the number of workers employed part-time or holding multiple jobs, should decline."
So the nurses union has some splaining to do. 

I knew something was backwards in the jobs report,.  As these authors note, it is not a good jobs report when we lose full time jobs and take multiple part time job. Most of the economists do not understand disaggregation of the data to have a closer look. They do the magic walrus read off of a talking point, never look at the data.

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