Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pichai: Progressive totalitarianism, the Google business model

Progressive totalitarianism, like hauling empty steel cars around San Jose, year after year, spewing tons of CO2, and call it environmentalism.

Taxing little brown people to pay huge checks to Elon, environmentalism

 Ruling that fair legislation is illegal without union control, human rights

Rampant anti-while laws built in throughout state government, racial equality.

We have a legislature, just progresive for google, and they invited the entire world to live on the ground of the UCLA medical center and get free medical care, courtesy of google execs.

We have google founders making flying cars and magic balloons.

Google makes 1/4 the earnings per employee as Facebook. Worse for google, one redneck asshole can write a blog and anticipate your every move. Short the silicon valley techs, they are off their rocker and have no barrier to entry.

Nor do I use google search as the first two pages are fake, just listing of google asking for ad pennies. Wiki is much better source, follow their links, can;t go wrong and you will be smarter than your typical google exec.

And much worse, we have moved all of the new sandbox tech outside of California, you cannot build money tech in a totalitarian state.

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