Friday, August 11, 2017

Who fouled the American patent law?

So this happened: Apple was just granted a patent on rounded cornersfor rectangular electronic devices. It’s tempting to think that patents are becoming more absurd, but that would be a mistake. The US and other patent bodies have always granted overly broad patents. What’s changed is that courts, in recent years, have started to award damages based on them.

The Swamp is has a patent corruption process, mostly crated by Diane Feinstein, who, dumber than shoes, loosened the patent law.  I think it was her.  It doesn't matter, blame Diane anyway, she is about as useless os a carrot back there.  Here is more: Inc. patented the practice of taking product photos on white backgrounds. IBM recently patented the “out-of-office” email system, despite the fact that everyone has seemingly been using similar systems forever. Alphabet Inc. (Google) patented a baseball cap with a camera on it.
As for the rest of us, nullification of Swamp patent laws are just fine, perfectly acceptable.

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