Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The second law and the big bang

I have a problem.

The second law says entropy does not decrease. To me, this says that once a system has a better estimate of pi, it does not select a worse estimate. Entropy is all about sphere packing.

So, we have this big bang and the entropy arrow starts.  The universe looks more spherical as the transactions continue.  Hence, physicists have it backwards if the universe is open, we are being deluded by entropy expanding.  If the universe is closed than entropy stops expanding and knows pi only with limited precision.  Hence there can be no true big bang center.

Entropy is the log of the number of states.  In the basket brigade theory, if the typical sequence is a set of 128, then the base two log is 7, the bit error about  1/256.  Buty we assume an open system with external innovations.  In other words, we admit to being multi-verse.

In big bang, slightly disconnected universes, each with their own bang sequence allows us to break the second law, or at least defers it to a higher power.

The center is increasingly non existent as we look backward on the entropy arrow.  What we look through is a hyper surface at some point in an increasingly disordered universe.  But increasing disorder means increasingly accurate center.  The hyper surface looks to us like a uniform expansion of a balloon surface, the interior of the balloon unobservable. We are horizoned.

Back to my original view from years ago.  Entropy increases as local redundancy is removed and empty space freed up to expand the surface.  We have a local compaction process.  The space we free up is disordered, uncoupled, states of energy, we get n increasingly accurate emergence of gravity.

Consider a multiverse system with an upper limit on entropy.    Any other multi-verse we view would appear to be part of our emergent center, we would have to look carefully to notice a  multi-verse interference across our hypersphere.

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