Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Write a racist law in California, who will notice?

Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces layoffs and increased class sizes due to a law limiting funds for schools with a higher white student body.The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.

It is not that little browns from Mexico are racist pricks, it is that they are so uneducated that they think writing racist American law passes constitutional muster.   OK, we get that old Mexico never figured much out, but there is a better, smarter California in our past, a past that proves, at one time, little brown people were something other than racist bums.

It is like the affirmative action Puerto Rican female lawyer.  If you are going to do it, look harder,they are not all dingbat down there. If you want to be a California racist prick, at least learn subtly.

Trump is not deep throat

Monday, March 27, 2017

Good point by Ron Paul

The Government Spies on All of Us — So Why Not Spy on Trump?

His point being that we already passed the Patriot Act, our stuff is collected.  

So what is the issue? Simple, did some NSA goof type in the word 'trump' into the data search engine? Was that illegal? Maybe, this NSA goof maybe searched trumps name.  

Or maybe he meant Gump, he was looking for terrorists who imitate Forest Gump, and mis-typed.  So, then he sees shit, Omigod, accidentally observing the usual, illegal yawker graft with Russian mafia killer demons. What to do?

OK, let's build a three color scaling pit for bitcoin

There are lot' of solutions when we have adaptable fair traded pits. Let us do triple entry accounting and solve the bitcoin problem.

We have: loans, deposit, ledger fees, together these three sequences are managed by the pit boss with predetermined bounds on variance. Loans to deposits drive the price discovery, but flow onto to and off of the bloc chain is priced, as follows.  When innovative interest charges ae gained or received,h pit boss charges you an equivalently high ledger fee. The boss does not want a whole bunch of bitcoins floating, and keep the ledger service busy, as needed.

By setting the variance on bounds, the sandbox can chain sub pits together and trade any
tiny factor of a bit coin as needed.  The more insignificant and tiny the bitcoin transaction, the longer the bubble up to ledger services.  Scatter and gather can be controlled, coin conserving and round off error conserved and shared.

The message. If you are doing high value, large and innovative bitcoin saving or borrowing, the you ate going to be reserving some ledger time a bit ahead of your trades. This satisfies the scaling consensus because user and miner can price the ledger service utility.  Say, I sell my car, for a good price; I am willing to hike my ledger fees, get my cash income registered ASAP. Triple entry accounting, we can ake that possible. Gonna need hardware support for shuffling orders.

Matching three sequences by  quantizing arrival jitter? It is  triple conditional odds making problem.  I wonder if that mathematician has escaped from my basement?

The sandbox likely devores the web

Mainly, selling bandwidth is simply priced and transaction costs are measurably zero. Consider he news reader app, I tap the ten dollar icon, and I am good to go on reading any news site. The cost of the articles I read are on the red/green icon when I browse, the news reader tracks news spending for me. So, forget about online ads, the ads have to be priceable  entertainment. The pricing system supplies controlled congestion to the web and removes the DoS problem.Again, loads of fun, huge improvement in commercial efficiencies everywhere.

Fundamental transaction, part 2

Part one of the fundamental transaction was, I give you digits, you give me a thing in my basket.

There is a part two. At some reasonable point afterward,you and I will independently tap an icon and inform our S&L trading bots what we done. Our separate bots  will cover the currency risk by adjustment of deposit and loans.  So, the game, generally, is to keep your spending deviations within range, and your bot can keep your mis-pricings under the radar of the pit boss. Even then, your bots may have deferred ledger service, generally the ledger should be called when accumulation spending exceeds some significant amount. Significant being the cost of security and due diligence on the part of tokenization services. Tokenization services atre a big part of the sandbox, it is the key to earning permitted conditons imposed on transactions, it gives others a hint of the protocol. And the tokenization services spend some tranaction costs doing crypto forensics on their tokens, mae us feel better.

It is all loads of fun.

Looking at the secure element architecture

The seure element i the protected 'ledger; with associated spreadsheet style programming.  It has the characteristic that nothing leave or enters except by specific, controlled  gate ways inside the element.

Inside the parts are sort of, as follows:
A section for managing keys and generating tokens
A section for coin ledgers
A section for verification and security protocols.
A section for a temporary stack usable by a multi-step coin transaction protocol.

The verification section should handle timeout, essential on  all transaction protocols. It secures the bankruptcy protocol, and human not present protocol. And it has the default, general purpose token generator, usable for street cash. And it manages 'parameterization' to set up coin contracts. Verification also contains biomatching.

The keys are an interesting set of original keys and installed keys. There is at least one key that known one, man nor bot, knows except the secure element, and that key is unique to that secure element.  The rest of ther keys are organized by the pros, and the pros also install a set of generic key manipulation macros, used to define token generating protocols.

And the ledger contains mandatory double entry honest accounting.

Thre stack is where the SE has a spreadsheet unction that tracks user spending by significance with uncertainty containerized, it makes the Huffman tree to specified precision. Some of your S&L contracts require some imprecise estimate of your spending tree. The SE can collect product category IDs, and separae them, but beyond that, all context is provided by the app.  in general the app controls your bot activations, with the approval of your SE.  So, when you initiate auto trade, you tap the icon and thumbprint; that turns the bots loose. The SE only works with POS, kiosk,smart phone othewise   strictly two way, SE to SE, card to card should work. .

As a gate array

The SE is simply a device on the microprocessor memory bus.  It is a completely self contained unit, read and written with mem control hardware lines.
The entire thing could  be  embedded in the general purpose micro. It is really just a special kind of ALU, in techno speak, it is like having a special circuit to do some special floating point format. Making that gate array would be a lucrative business, liking owning the ARM design, for example.

Red/green and the other rules

Everyu interaction in the pit will generate an accumulation of the red/green; scaled by the SE spending pattern.  Along with 'no forgery, double counting' we have 'red/green'. Basically it gives the holder an unbiased estimate of the risk this tranaction applies totheuser balance sheet.  Except, of course, the concept of balance sheet is provided by the app.. The spreadsheet only knows it as a convolution of two distributions.

The SE and government

Everyone gets an SE, preventing that from happening is like preventing shoes, government is on board, do not sweat this.  Government's survival under the mass of debt depends on the options that the SE provides.

So, you can see, the SE is a secure congestion management system, automated.

Crew in charge of helicopter

Jared Kushner's 'innovation' office will get advice from Bill Gates, Tim Cook and Elon Musk

Basically, the new money directive comes from this group.  They decide when the senate goes to the sandbox. There is also the budget  director.

These folks know as much as you can get off my blog, concerning price and auto trade, their assistants track it along with a bunch of other web stuff concerning sandbox.

So, we can see that this is  terrific marketing advantage for the hardware wallet vendors, they have a target. They want the glitter sticks in our hands, along with trading pit capacity, such that this crew knows better than to hedge. The mere fact that this group is assemble is prima facie evidence, the copter is going to fly.
How to hedge the copter

Hang around a gold pile, make sure this crew sees you. A watched pot boils right on time this time around. We watch them and build out the and box. Once we have a sufficiently robust auto trade network, we can move away from the gold piles. The strategy here is to convince the hardware wallet vendors that when the moment comes, demand goes to max, and they have to be ready, fill it with the lowest end wallet, but fill enough. Go for economies of scale, tens of millions.

Me and my grocer mathematician whoop Jeff once again

Technical issues are forcing Amazon to delay the public launch of its cashier-less grocery store

Me and my mathematician have a trillion dollar bet with Jeff. We claim that we are the maximum entropy gold standard, me, my bike, my basket, the checkout; together form a prime factor in all the containers from my street to the LA Harbor. I am king of the container algebra in America, my bike and my grocer.  Jeff cannot beat us, impossible, not even a wheeled bot.

Right now I am optimum.  I can pickup what I want,maintain my own count and pay him about every three trips or so. I do not have to exit my bike, I can ride the aisle in and out; and my basket is exactly the half case that is standard through all of grocerdom.

Further, since I am at maximum entropy, my self price variation does not change that much, I can count by item and category, tote the prices later. He and I spit the pricing risk if wholesale pricing change.

WhAt is the kicker? Fresno California is mild weather, and bike riding is actually leisure.

Welcome to California and New York

As members of Congress in Washington debate raising the minimumrequired to obtain a U.S. immigrant investor visa from $500,000 to $1.35 million, concern about the hike has set off a scramble among wealthy would-be participants in China.

These folks will get in just in time to bribe the trumpster son-in-law.

The bulk of wealth will buy a house in California for grand ma and the kids, while they return home and pay taxes there. 

California's dufas legislature  has been trying to change the law so  only special little browns get the advantage. Each time they try they get called racist pricks by redneck intellectuals who understand the prior legal history of racism.

My suggestion to the California confused electorate, take back Baja California, secede, and that is how you get what you want.  It is called intelligent national reconstruction. But to do that, you have to be smart, you cannot just do that with some Pancho Villa hoot  and holler.  You actually have to make sound arguments, have a sound history of the USA, Mexico, the Frnciscans, European seconf era colonialism. In  other words, something better than then public school education. Andf understand the role the sandbox will play in your efforts.

Or, we could continue to be ignoramus little browns, Californians has to decide. It is too late to go back and beg for handouts at the swamp, nor does it any good to subsidize the swamp.  The discussion is over, sorry, we are seceded.