Friday, May 25, 2018

Camptown is tax free

Millennials Are Now Considered The "Lost Generation"

Millennials, ripped off by guv debt charges, so they spend time in camptown, taxes disappear.

Price is ex-post

Some Friday afternoon thorts, on the "Manski Bounds", a really useful piece of maths which tells you how surprisngly little information you can extract from prices (long boring thread ...). Here's a toy model >

I go to the store and find Ivory soap going for  a half dollar, Dove for a dollar.  What else? I also notice he Ivory bin is almost twice the size of the Dove bin.  How do I choose? I don't value soap, I buy the cheap stuff, and that is almost always the big bin.  If a store gets expensive, I change my shopping pattern. But I am stuck on the large bin, it matches my home inventory.

Price happened ex post.  The accountants been watching me, they know my pattern and they know how much inventory space I am willing to pay for.  Everything is setup via queue adjustments, price is the last thing set, and it is set to cover inventory equivalent interest charges. If the product is not moving, they get another product, the bins and queues are constrained to fit tight trade space.

Greece and the Euro

Under sandbox rules any prequaled Greek can open an S&L. They can prove they hold the reserve ratio, make that enforceable via cryptobadge. The new Greek bank has as power, by ratio, to issue cash in advance to prequaled customers, in Greece. 

The bankruptcy of the Greek guv is between the guv and whatever fool insured it. Sandbox is not involved in that dispute, except that sandbox pits know how to manage defaults, which helps enormously.

Fiat mobile banking does much today, using more solvent banks outside of Greece. It misses a lot of deposit to loan matches because they are not close. With Greek S&L associations, prequaled traders, display their crypto badge, easily obtained from ECB, then operate like a credit union. What is the problem?

If Germany wants the Euro to survive, then get the Euro a bearer asset tradeable form on Telegram. The traders and techies do the rest.

Cryptobadge tech,

For years, as financial services became increasingly digital, credit scoring remained stubbornly unchanged, but there are indications, from the regulators on down to startups, that this is finally changing. From machine-learning-based underwriting to blockchain-based identity solutions, new technology is transforming the business of borrowing money.
This tech drives cash in advance, liquifies everywhere. Yes, get prequalled anonymously.

Italians dunnit

There has been a 15 basis point drop in ten year treasury, in one day.  This is like a swing in interest charges of 3% in one day, relative to guv budget.  Treasury needs huger cash pile to avoid short term charges.

The Europeans are marking Italy to market and German banks grab the US bond for safety and yield during the repricing phase.   Merkel can do a 250 billion dollar bail out, still keep the Euro, but they have to institute congestion priced entry and exit. 

You cannot have Euro currency banking backed by the German banks, they miss local pricing processes. You can do Euro central banking as long as the 'central' is a fair market creation.  Then, on the margin, the peripheral economies notice, early, the ebb and flow of local banking conditions. They act earlier, the are less inclined to pressure the local bankers. Smaller defaults, more adiabatic change.

I see adiabatic as an isonormal sequence of node transforms which reach a stable change  in quantization; a renormalization of distribution and defaults within bit error. .  We always have the pit boss and it should have excess index space due to N-color binding, it always gets the latest look at the tradebook before matching market queues.

The Euro does not abandon guv since guvs still have monopoly tax power, but guv taxes in become priced against spending out by market. The market prices the monopoly fee effectively.

Sounds like protectionism to me

Apple awarded $539 million in Samsung patent retrial

Apple patented the rounded corner on rectangular phone.  Thus is a bit of ridiculous.  China will notice and immediately rig their patent system.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nice headline

The Deep State Gives Everyone 'The Clapper'

A bit of nuance.

Camptown upgrade

Here we go. Easy to house migrant labor. If you get reasonable stable income, move from your tent. Easy to hook up, the wheels optional, houses two.  We want the stepping ladder concept, reduce guv wedges in housing and we can build to suit, very cheaply.

Mortgage rates up

WASHINGTON (May 24, 2018) — After moving upward for two straight months, existing-home sales retreated in April on both a monthly and annualized basis, according to the National Association of Realtors®. All four major regions saw no gain in sales activity last month.
Guv has better borrowing needs, evidently.  Maybe voters consider it easier to escape taxes than mortgage payments.

Coinbase gets swapnets

Beyond simply trading assets, Coinbase Pro aims to provide a host of new features for investors, according to the release, which reads:
"Our vision is to give customers the ability to participate in services like staking and protocol voting that are distinct to crypto. As the decentralized ecosystem advances, we expect there will be many more opportunities for customers to interact with digital assets in new and unique ways."