Friday, May 27, 2016

Federal spending multipliers suck says Larry Summers

A lesson on infrastructure from the Anderson Bridge fiasco

By Larry Summers

SOMETIMES SMALL stories capture large truths. So it is with the fiasco that is the repair of the Anderson Memorial Bridge, connecting Boston and Harvard Square. Rehabilitation of the 232-foot bridge began in 2012, at an estimated cost of about $20 million; four years later, there is no end date in sight and the cost of the project is mushrooming, to $26.5 million at last count.
This glacial pace of implementation does not reflect the intrinsic technical difficulty of the task. For comparison, the Anderson Bridge itself was originally completed in just 11 months in 1912. General George Patton constructed nearly 40 times as much bridging in six months as American soldiers crossed the Rhine to win World War II. And even modern-day examples abound; for instance, in 2011, 14 bridges in Medford were fixed in just 10 weekends. In contrast, the lapses exposed by the Anderson Bridge project hold key lessons for America’s broader inability to solve its infrastructure problems.

So Larry spends his entire career getting government involved in projects it cannot handle.  The asshole should be brought up on fraud charges, Harvard government administration department shut down, the the entire Berkeley economics staff fired.  Larry and his bonehead pals put these roadblocks in place. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

They are not that dumb

Business Insder: The Block 3F software is part of the 8 million lines of sophisticated software code that underpin the F-35.
In short, if the code fails, the F-35 fails.

No, they are smarter than that. Core flight software should survive any sub-system failure.  There should always be a flyable jet that can get back home.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Xi Jinping is one stupid communist rat

BEIJING — China's attempts to claim a nearly 1.4-million-square-mile swathe of open ocean are without precedent and probably without legal merit, but Beijing continues to assert its right to the economically critical zone — and increasingly puts its claims in military terms.
Speaking to a small group of reporters in Beijing on Thursday, a high-ranking Chinese official made his warning clear: The United States should not provoke China in the South China Sea without expecting retaliation.

Let's cut to the chase.  Xi got  caught up in some brilliant military strategy that put a squad of Chinese soldiers out on on pile of mud, at a fixed location 200 miles out in the ocean.    Every navy in the world sends a boat out for some  humor at one of the stupidest military tricks ever done. Xi, without a military brain as put the chinese military command in a vulnerable pot..

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Not looking, not blogging

The horse manure flying for the next two months, too much for my brain, taking time way from it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dan Walters, been around the block.

Fresno Bee  reprints Dan Walters:

California’s state and local governments face billions of dollars in debt – the official term is “unfunded liabilities” – for employee pensions not now covered by pension fund assets. But how many billions? It could be about $300 billion, according to new calculations by Stanford University researchers, but that assumes that projections of future investment earnings used by pension trust funds, around 7.5 percent a year, are accurate. Or the debt could be three-plus times as much, close to $1 trillion, if the earnings assumptions track federal treasury notes, according to Pension Tracker, a research project headed by former Democratic Assemblyman Joe Nation. 
Here is the thing. Dan and Jerry are the only California wiseheads that have actual memories of good government.  We no longer have the capacity for self repair.

But it is worse.  The life of a politician in Sacramento consists of covering up your last blunder.  That is a fundamental source of literal insanity.  Forensic detection works grate out here.    When a politician sticks his head up, the web bots immediately publish his last blunder.  Most of them are cowering behind their deswks in Sacramento, in psychotic shock.

The Illinois Dem party is batshit insane

Incompetence Personified: Illinois Has Devolved To One-Off Funding Bills As It Still Can't Pass A Budget

What we have is the Illinois Dem part crawling over the prostrate body of the Illinois economy.  They congregate about the butt area where the crows pick off delicate pieces of shit for consumption.  The National party is running on this policy.  They want ass pickers from across trhe nation picking on our carcasses/

This is crime against humanity.  The UN needs to make the proper rulling, the  send in Vadimir with his troops who will commence to bitch slap the Illinois Dem party.

Monday, May 2, 2016

President Trump!

An exclusive Eyewitness News poll conducted by SurveyUSA shows that in California, 54 percent of registered Republican voters are resigned to vote for Donald Trump and 57 percent of registered Democratic voters are resigned to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The poll, released on Monday, showed that 51 percent of registered voters and 88 percent of strong Democrats have an extremely negative view of Trump, while 14 percent of registered voters and 45 percent of strong Republicans have an extremely positive view of Trump

Trump polls at 54 percent, Ted Cruz at 20 percent and John Kasich at 16 percent.

In the Democratic presidential race in California, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 57 percent to 38 percent.

Deranged Mexican teenagers riot in Costa Mesa

CBS: COSTA MESA  ( A political blogger who was injured during an anti-Trump rally in Orange County Thursday spoke out today about the unruly mob.
Cole Bartiromo of Mission Viejo  is also a Trump supporter. He says he became quite fearful when a mob turned on him.
“Suddenly, out of nowhere, ” says Bartiromo, “I felt this thud in the front of my head.”
He needed six stitches to close his head wound.
Bartiromo told Gile he only got in the middle of the melee to document it, not to participate.
Within moments, he says someone knocked off his Trump hat, hurled slurs at him and then slugged him.
“And I started panicking,” Bartiromo says, “Getting scared, thinking ‘When are they going to stop? Are they going to kill me?’ I mean, these aren’t rational people.”
Mexicanos volverse loco no tiene sentido. Lo que es alguien contrata a un mexicano y se vuelven locos en el trabajo? 

Jack Lew to save Chicago Rico

Chicago Tribune: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned that Puerto Rico may need a U.S. government bailout if Congress doesn't pass a bill that helps the island restructure its debt and prevents a series of "cascading defaults."
"Unless Congress passes legislation that includes appropriate restructuring and oversight tools, a taxpayer-funded bailout may become the only legislative course available to address an escalating crisis," Lew said in a letter to Congress posted Monday on the Treasury department's website. "Congress must work quickly to resolve the few outstanding issues on the proposed legislation to help Puerto Rico."
"With no orderly restructuring framework to address its debts, Puerto Rico will face a series of cascading defaults," while litigation already under way will intensify and potentially take years to resolve, Lew wrote in the letter to House and Senate leaders.

Puerto De Troit to Los Angeles

Puerto Rico is a collapsing economy with government now bankrupt.  Too much debt, they cannot make the interest payments. Los Angeles is due for about a half million Puerto Rico immigrants.
Why did it take on so much debt?Because it could. For decades, Puerto Rico issued bonds to cover budget shortfalls, and investors snapped them up because the bonds are exempt from federal, state, and local taxes in all 50 states. Then in 1996 the territory hit an economic crossroads. Congress ended hefty tax breaks for U.S. manufacturers operating in Puerto Rico, and American firms began shuttering their operations on the island, causing the economy to slump. Instead of restructuring its economy, Puerto Rico doubled its debt over the next 10 years, and Wall Street firms made nearly $1 billion off the fees. Those bond sales let the territory's bloated government — which employs a quarter of the workforce — meet its budgets without laying people off. But the economy remained stagnant, and the government was soon overwhelmed by its vast debt obligations.
Now wait, you say.  These Puerto Ricans would have ended up in Los Angeles anyway.  Los Angeles is the immigrant magnet.   But, and here is a key point, because of the aggregation of debt to a few entities in Puerto Rican government, the marginal migration is slowed and becomes a mass migration later.  This is what happened in Detroit.