Sunday, June 25, 2017

Opiod crisis getting worse says Bubba

Former President Bill Clinton expressed his alarm to U.S. mayors on Saturday about the growing opioid crisis and warned that the drug epidemic is not going to be constrained to rural America because of heroin flowing in from Mexico and fentanyl growing more attractive to inner city gangs.
“In the beginning, this despicable epidemic had a less violent delivery system. Our kids were delivered and a lot of our adults were delivered into a paralyzing addiction by doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers, not by armed gangs. However, this movie is coming to a theater near you,” Clinton said to the U.S. Mayors Conference in Miami. “Because as the government got better at dealing with opioids, more people moved into heroin.”
“Heroin is even cheaper now because it is now being grown in Mexico in the hidden parts of the Sierra Madre Mountains and being harvested by preteens. And then it got even cheaper with fentanyl which is a synthetic drug that if you have a 13-year-old child or certainly a 15-year-old child who can make a ‘C’ in high school chemistry and access to a garage they can learn how to make. And now it’s becoming attractive to urban gangs,” Clinton warned. “It’s going to eat us all alive.”
Clinton has been privately sounding the alarm about the effects of Mexican heroin for years, speech transcripts released by WikiLeaks last fall revealed.

Ismed in LA

 Institute on Inequality and Democracy at the University of California Los Angeles

"This resource guide outlines the first steps the UCLA Abolitionist Planning Group has taken to understand Trumpism as a moment in United States politics. Building on long-standing exclusions, Trumpism consolidates power through white supremacy, misogyny, nationalism, xenophobia, corporatism, and militarism. Committed to a philosophy of abolitionism, the Abolitionist Planning Group seeks to understand how urban planning, as discipline and professional practice, can analyze and address the systematic oppressions expanded and institutionalized by the new administration."

Uh, a unionist song!

 Free tent women everywhere!

Can BTC pick this up?

Italy will commit as much as 17 billion euros ($19 billion) to clean up two failed banks in one of its wealthiest regions in the nation’s biggest rescue on record.
Government re-directing monetary flow means adaptation.  The quickest adaption is buy  bitcoin with euro.

Dealing with tax dollars and crypto cash

The pure cash layer, as defined with secure element, allows you to honestly pass around tax dollars from your card to any other card.

Just like debit cash, except no need to involve the bank.  Or the S&L can put a chunk of your own on even money, and your SE can share currency risk with everyone else, and spend against that deposit, up front with the proper cash advance contract.  Your secure element knows the bounds and the contract.

Geeks need only put a format called 'tax money' in the multi-currency structure.  If a SE element can generate a tax money token, then it is following the rules.

Then peer to peer exchange is a simple interface to any chat system

Everything must be a point to point exchange between secure elements.  The software simply is an interface between the secure element and any given message service. The SE issues chat commands directly via the NFC interface.  Both parties have chat internet addresses a priori.

Can we do the with Trezor? Sure, using the USB port and writing some reverse engineer software for the smartphone app. Plug your Trezor in and tap on the send money app, the only requirement is a Trezor on the other end. Leave  your Trezor plugged in, build an online shopping app to take digits straight from the wallet.

If your wallet is staying out, it can have its own IP address.  Or it can open and close connections like a cell phone, if it is roaming.  But, the free and easiest method is to assume a plain vanilla text service, a chat.  Our assumption should hold, this is a two point network and has no congestion, there is no compression of flow.  Digits are not co-mingled and the chat exchange does not need priced congestion.  It is sort of by definition, a view that says we will take this route for peer to peer and call it person to person cash.

This is the null trading bot, works with null ledger service. The secure element generate the proper token to the text exchange, and both parties observe incoming text. It is the null trading bot because its only function is send and receive text, one at a time.  So, I think, we can conclude that all wallets will, by design or add on, support direct person to person bearer crypto cash.

Cash is not going anywhere, holding crypto cash in your pocket is the norm, works like regular cash.

There are no congestion free exchanges

And another rule: Exchanges always trade with bots under the same processor as the pit boss.

Assume non stationary buffering, with congestion management.
All the exchange take some risk, they have to manage a bit of error, but the bounds can be set; as long as you accept the possibility of bankruptcy with free entry and exit.

Thus, all exchanges have some custodial holdings of the crypto, and they all obey contract and thus are secure elements, as I always suspected.  Hence, with certainty, I can say, the fundamental transaction in the box is cash transfer, point to point between two secure elements.  If you go through a third party bank, the bank has to be secure element.

The exception to the rule is personal exchanges between two parties, direct or over via network message. We should assume these to happen over messaging services and are congestion free.

The Swamp pays the ten year rate

We hear a bunch of nonsense that central bank money is cheap for the senators.  It is not.

The chart shows actual interest payments divided by total debt (includes SS funds). We can obviously see that the debt cartel has figured government projects are always ten year projects, and priced interest charges accordingly.

So, if we hear some nonsense that the Swamp can borrow its way out of debt, the answer is no.  Our GDP growth rate is likely 1.5%, all things being equal then borrowing money  makes the Swamp more bankrupt than it already is.

Isn't there some sort of nominal trick the Swamp can play where inflation eats away from debt?

The numbers posted above are ex post, based interest payments paid after all accounts are settled.  It there was some trick, the the Swamp would occasionally be getting money cheap. But is is never the safe, the actual interest payments always seem to be just above the ten year rate.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Selling stocks in the sandbox

One pit per stock, naturally.  We eliminate any intermediate supply chain, the corporate spreadsheet is a distribution with known precision, everything  round robin look at the balance sheet.

The issue is auto pricing to the same uncertainty as the trade book., which we guarantee by having all the buy and sell bots look at the stack before prices are crunched. The TU needs to be less than a quarter point, we need trade volume on the single stock, else the pit boss can get stuck paying for inside information.

In addition to volume, we need liquidity. All the prices are adjusted via a mandatory  margin account kept by all traders. So, two traders agree on price, by some other channel.  They report the event to the pit boss and interest swaps occur to rebalance.   This all depends on what? No flow, no quantization.

But,but... we still have risk profile at the secure elements, so low volume,micro stocks can be auto pitted, but trading bots pre-qualified to run wide of amber.

And, as always, when the pit boss becomes hysterical frightened, pull the jamming flag, cause a noticeable ledger fee.

What have I gained?

The buyer and seller do not want to worry the mechanics of the system, they want to be assured that all TU imposed in the system are fairly distributed.  Thus, buyers and sellers can trade stock based upon posted priced, and the congestion between their deal and the actual price is fairly paid for.

So, buyer and seller meet on the board, and click on the deal.  The next day, your margin account will show a slight adjustment, relative to the formal deal. The pit boss is  accounting for the cost (or gain) of defeating a string of HFT traders. Unknown to you, your trading bot has negotiated a bit, on your behalf. But it will be a well known and commonly used bot; deemed safe by  all.

California legislature kills millions

SACRAMENTO, Calif.June 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- California Association of Health Underwriters President Rick Coburn applauded actions taken today by Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) that recognize the serious deficiencies of SB 562. The Speaker has officially postponed any further legislative action on this bill until January 2018. He also indicated there would likely be a single payer ballot initiative on the California November 2018.SB 562 proposes a $400 billion per year government-run single payer system for California. SB 562 does not contain any credible funding mechanism other than immense new taxes on all Californians. The bill also fails to address or manage the real problems healthcare systems face today such as the constant upward cost spiral of medical care, escalating prescription drug prices and ensuring consumers have access to quality medical providers throughout California.

Waiting for regime change

The US aggregate measures since the Nixon Shock.

Note that we spend more time taking zero or tiny price hikes these days.  And a rising government deficit always precedes a recession, all ex post, of course.

But the recent deficit rise is smooth, well anticipated. This looks like an economy ready to bounce along at near zero.  I keep thinking, we know what's coming, a regime change; a bit of accounting between generations.