Friday, August 17, 2018

Still here

Doing my job as slumlord and dealing with deranged methheads.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The state guv owes the dough

Fairly clear that the decades of disadvantage was imposed on local voters by state voters.  The court is going to pass it up the chain, state legislatures are stuck Illinois has the problem, state law bankrupting cities. Judges are ruling that cities get to keep essentials, passing most of the liability back to state.

Lots of debt

A Reuters analysis of U.S. household data shows that the bottom 60 percent of income-earners have accounted for most of the rise in spending over the past two years even as the their finances worsened - a break with a decades-old trend where the top 40 percent had primarily fueled consumption growth.With borrowing costs on the rise, inflation picking up and the effects of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts set to wear off, a negative shock - a further rise in gasoline prices or a jump in the cost of goods due to tariffs - could push those most vulnerable over the edge, some economists warn.
The consumer and gov both are expanding debt equally in order to get those projected GDP numbers.  A good part of the new debt has been increased interest charges.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Women complain about federal housing unfairness

When an upgrade in housing can be had for another 200 bucks, but they are on random wait, indefinitely, for some 1200 bucks in federal housing.   Some seem to get the big bucks some don't, and the issue is that 1200 split four ways provides a mountain of housing upgrade around here. The Federales create a stratification effect, and local taxpayers funds spent inefficiently in the round trip.

This goes ditto for medical insurance and education.  Stratification costs huge, especially during the learning phase.

Inside the Decade-Long Mexican Campaign to Infiltrate Calizuela and Elect Hillary (Stuck Stone)

• Inside the Decade-Long Russian Campaign to Infiltrate NRA and Elect Trump (Rolling Stone)

Relative housing costs to government

A federal housing voucher is a 1200/month payment around here.  The mayor of Camptown LA can house them in tents, cars and micro-enclosures for 400/month.

The difference is that the mayor can break the building codes and he has a police force to manage the dysfunctionals.  Federal housing subsidies, thus inefficient.  The Feds take taxes from California citizens and in the round trip end up paying four times the housing costs.  Camptown LA is better off seceding from the Union.

Farmers taxed to cover their own subsidies

“I Want To Sell And They Want To Buy”

The post discusses the ag tariffs from the trade wars.  

The post does not mention the prior subsidies granted by Congress to ag.  The correct balance is simply, we cannot afford ag subsidies anymore, so we are applying an external tariff to collect it. And in the fair deal, farmer pay for their own welfare costs.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Another point abut how guv liens

They put the liens in the county recorder, under the name, and escrow officers and banks have to work that list. The county system hunting scofflaws for money.

Occasionally Spanish

I think she is trying out some new political correctness algorithms. 

Bitcoin at 7480

I said anything between 3500 and numbers near 6500. 

Bitcoin works,  not with fast time to reaction, it is fewer steps to.  The insider need only pull the trigger, his trading bot is on duty at the major exchanges.  The currency wars would cause bitcoin jumping, I think the central banks fear this.

Bitcoin picks up the wedge size every time an action or non action happens at the central bank.  Insiders punch the button, in this case yuan depreciation, whoever knew it first.