Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The greatest human invention

The throwing rock, of course.  Throwing rocks was such an evolutionary advantage, it ushered in the stone age and still forms the basis of human society.

Russia surrounds itself with nuclear neighbors

Russia Vows "Inevitable Response" Over "Illegal" North Korea Sanctions

The Russians fouled the nuclear environment with nuke and rocket technology throughout Asia.  Russians frigged this up for themselves.  Having supplied their southern invaders with nuke technology, the Russians then enter population decline.  So, they can vow all they want.

Chinese Commies have the same problem. China supported this nuclear mess in their own backyard, and got nothing out of it.  The entire south Asia, from Iran to Koreas, stuffed with nuclear weapons, courtesy of Russian and Chinese goofy foreign policy.

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Govt. union rep: Employees only have to be “available to work” to get paid

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Secessionists heart trumpster

Trump threatens to shut down government to build border wall

A Goldman-Sachs coup d'etat

What I heard about the  Bannon ouster.  This is GS preserving the global can kick.

Gina Raimondo, rips off Rhode Island pensions, gets elected governor

As the collapse of the St. Joseph's pension fund (which was approved by current Rhode Island Attorney General Kilmartin) illustrates, any candidate for the position must have a knowledge of pensions -- and be prepared to act.  Moreover, Rhode Island needs an Attorney General who is willing to investigate the largest financial crime in the history of the state: a reckless gamble of over $1 billion in state pension assets to further the political fortunes of the then-Treasurer, now Governor, and her Wall Street backers. In its first five years, this roll-of-the-dice has already resulted in approximately $500 million in hedge fund losses alone.
There is nothing Rhode Islanders can do, the voters are simply too stupid.  I suggest refusal to pay taxes. 

The secretary of interest payments is a welfare bum


The whole mash up with the secretary's trophy wife is simple, the secretary of interest payments is a welfare bum and millennials and their offspring will be paying higher interest charges for eternity because some dumbshit Kanosian created a housing insurance program for wealthy people to get welfare.

Who wants to listen to some dumbshi welfare bum employee of the swamp?  But worse, everytime the secretary of dumbshit speaks all the millennials think the same thing, Oh Boy, huge interest charges so these bozos.

Clue for politicians.  If you want millennials to pay at eternity for your failures, then shutm up the secretary of interest payments.

Islam makes a nutty Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (AP) -- In announcing his strategy for Afghanistan, U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at neighboring Pakistan, an ostensible U.S. ally, ordering it to stop giving sanctuary to "agents of chaos, violence and terror."His predecessors have aired similar complaints, and U.S. officials and analysts have long accused Pakistan of playing a double-game with Islamic extremists -- supporting those that threaten its rivals in India and Afghanistan while cracking down on those who target its own citizens.
Most islamic nations become failed states. 


It sounds innocent enough — "mixed ownership reform."That is the phrase the Chinese government is using to describe a program in which healthy private companies are encouraged to invest in debt laden quasi-state owned enterprises (SOEs).
Kind of a hidden commie rat tax. 

Congressional bankruptcy watch

A growing number of key congressional Republicans are considering a controversial maneuver that would allow for about $450 billion of tax cuts without offsets, according to four congressional aides familiar with the discussions.
Under the proposal, the GOP would not account for things like expiring tax breaks when gauging the budgetary impact of tax legislation -- giving tax writers more room for cuts. Senate budget and tax panels are discussing the move to a “current policy” baseline -- instead of the standard “current law” baseline -- said the people who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. The chief House tax writer, Kevin Brady, also signaled openness to the approach last month, saying it would lead to deeper tax cuts.
Republican welfare bums trying to sneak past the bankruptcy judge.