Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jerry's famous bridges

Our goodie must be less sequestered than their goodie

The leader of the hard-right Freedom Caucus emerged from a Tuesday night meeting to say its members — and other GOP lawmakers as well — want a short-term bill keeping federal agencies open to contain added money for the military.
Simple minded boneheads are a cause to shut down. 

Wallet theft

Please note however that blackwallet was only an account viewer and that no keys were stored on the server!”
Someone stole 400k from a web wallet. But the message above indicates the problem was the local part of account viewer. The  users handheld or laptop had a virus  hunting for account viewers and grabbing with contents of corms.  The virus likely came from a crank phisher.

Here is the rule. If it is secret stuff, it remains inside the secure element. The secure element has proven macros that generate the encrypted token as needed, which is then sent. Only your thumbprint and passcode needed.

Cash flow

In the theory, the last part, we talked about loans/deposits and its change over some fixed trades pace. We got R * R', which we show had a peak as the window size went from one to larger.  This peakness property is due to the assumption of sphere packing.

When flow from loans to deposits is maximum bit error is minimum. When RR' is maximum., flow between loans to deposits should be maximum. The matching algorithm has found window lengths in each sequence such that the two are most closely congruent, gets us sparse repeating fraction, I think.

All this means is that loans mostly divide deposits will the smallest residual. The pit boss can put together a group of deposits to match most loans, fairly, like a consortium. In the structured queues,there should be bisn, sort of one bin of depositors per one bin of loaners when the two generator are normalized.

This analysis says something about a coin exchange, they have to have long windows. huge flowm to keep the bit error proportionally small. The coin exchange pit boss is not going to carry measurement error between two economies. This is a repeat subject, coin exchange tend to be large window high flow rate when they work. The exchange should be quick on changing the fee to force it accumulated matching error as small as possible.n It ends up running two coherent one coherent queues, managed by exchange fee. He uses these fees to keep window sizes large enough on either side.

But not ready for mass production

White House Doctor Says Trump's Cognitive Test Is Normal, Has "Incredibly Good Genes"

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

― Hunter S. ThompsonFear and Loathing in Las Vegas

They are all scaredy pooh

Larry Fink, CEO of $6.3 trillion manager BlackRock, just sent a warning to CEOs everywhere

CEOs need to be more about public good and pastel colors. 

I can out lawyer Jerry

He argues
A new brief his office filed in a union-backed challenge to Brown’s 2012 pension reform law argues that faith in government hinges in part on responsible management of retirement plans for public workers.
I say that faith in government relies on sound pension plans because the unions have oversight over the legislature, by California Law. That implies some fiscal checks and balances on union management,  This is your argument, Jerry. 

Great, now that we have straighten that out, go argue the case to the US Supreme, they are the ones who rule on union oversight of legislatures.

He goes on:
“At stake was the public’s trust in the government’s prudent use of limited taxpayer funds,” the brief reads, referring to the period when he advocated for pension changes during the recession.

Who, Jerry, who has this responsibility for sound fiscal management? You are asking the State  Supremes to be accountants. Why don't you do it Jerry, as governor? Because you have no legislative authority to interfere and your legislature has union oversight, by law.

Jerry, you have argued away the entire state government except for a few union committees. Get thee to the US Supremes, they got a handle on this.

Mueller going after the porn angle

Bannon Is Subpoenaed by Mueller in the Russia Inquiry
Its the one thing Mueller can be sure Hillary did not do, though Bubba was quite the expert, I hear.  I think Mueller has a license to entertain, we want videos.

Da Blowsio likely causes global warming

Someone Just Took A Meat Cleaver To De Blasio's Global Warming Lawsuit

His transportation planner cause congestion and drive the cost of public transit way up.  On net, DaBlowsio is still adding CO2, not subtracting.

Sell them wallets

The CEO of the oldest bitcoin exchange says all platforms are struggling with 'the massive, massive amount of new users

The entire world of humans wants a spot in the Singularity, what a coordination failure! Even I didn't expect the growth. I have the solution.

Do not sign them up, sell them hardware wallets that are pre-configured to trade, they just activate the thing.  Or, alternatively, the hardware wallet vendors can agree to a third party that robotically signs the wallet up for any particular exchange. Get the human out of the chain, almost entirely,all we need is thumbprint and passcode consistency at the wallet.

Then, the hardware wallets just tend  all 6 billion of us, and the exchanges can tend to autotradng.