Wednesday, January 4, 2017

California courts are saying

Meanwhile, the San Francisco court cited the Marin Country decision from August which found that employees have a right to a pension
Not quite a right to a pension, except by judicial divinity.

There is the Dills Act,  says cities and counties have to do union deals.  But I doubt that act specifies any details about the deals.  The right to a pension was derived from a verbal understanding, which implied, that counties and cities will implicitly have to offer pensions.

This relatively important because California has a history of declaring legal short cuts that come back to haunt. And, judicial divinity becomes a license sold by the legislature to  lawyers who sue  specific groups.  Then the judges quietly accept violations of federal  civil rights law when we do the affirmative action thing.  Very bad stuff, and it hugely adds to the risk of business around here.

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