Monday, January 16, 2017

Congress has no power to fly the copter

Congress suffers the ultimate paradox, the constitution  assigns them ownership of the helicopter. They have the power to regulate currency.

So, at fixed point, when Congress has no where to turn, and they enter forced arbitration Buy the become the judge and defendant, we all know that.  It becomes yet another planned government program.

Hence, Congress goes into permanent self bankruptcy,which is what they do with sequestering, budget limitation rules, and the rest.  But it cannot last forever because as they run the deficit, the corridor of operation narrows.  The copter must fly.

The only way the bank community can fly is to adopt to pure cash technology, get almost everyone but Congress away from selling time structured debt.  Then Congress has no choice, they are hedged. Pure cash eventually overrules to right to coin  clause in the constitution.

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