Thursday, January 5, 2017

How is the economy you ask?

Labor market is holding up with a small downward ADP job trend.  Mass layoffs are within noise, brick and mortar sales sucked for Christmas, again.  And autos are surging in light trucks after unsurging in sedans.

The debt cartel is keep the ten year at 2.45%, with a zillion hone calls, I am sure. China guided the yuan up, in one big jump. That and tightened controls have dropped bitcoin back from the heights. The Asian rebalance may slow and make the downward trend in housing continue. And Italian banks are sure to crash.

The Trumpster seems to have Tweeted Obamacare nearly to death. Obama has packed his bags.

And finally, Ned Ryerson keeps popping up in the news.  Something about being a welfare bum banker making dollars on government guarantees.

Overall, the plan seems to be sneak through the Q1 window and survive until Q4 white noise, same as last year.  But the Republicans can run up the deficit at a moments notice, so no predictions from me forthcoming.


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