Sunday, January 22, 2017

Is this the millennial debt repudiation era?

The gazillion women march, a millennial outburst. 

Millennials are not paying for losses incurred before they were born, like Reagan's deficits had nothing to do with them. So, if Reagan deficits are not paid off, then default, they demand; millennials  would be correct.

Compare a default today with the default of Nixon.  

We got 12% inflation, at the peak of mis-pricing. The new sandbox technology can do it with 5% inflation, max.  A much better, no hedge cash layer, takes the default stack,and using the fair trading pits, creates the wiener process in prices needed to take the losses without observable hedge.

Millennials, make this technology happen, and you get a fairly spread out cost of default;you are not stuck at infinity.

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