Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jerry needs another 10% tax hike to cover Calocare

Market Watch: Although repeal of the law is a virtual certainty, it’s far from clear what will replace it. Republican leaders said they are exploring a variety of market-based options that would lower costs, give Americans more choice and reduce government’s role in the health care system.Yet Republicans are expected to leave parts of the law in place as they work out a replacement. “We don’t want people to be caught with nothing,” said Paul Ryan, speaker of the House.
So, let's hear from our speaker Anthony Rendon , the Speaker of the California State Assembly. His 63rd Assembly District in southeastern Los Angeles County, mainly little bown people, can have their incomes taxed another 10%, why not?
So, Tony, get off your ass and tell the 63rd district how much they owe. The profs from Berkeley have total up, your district owes about 4 billion to start.

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