Friday, January 27, 2017

Ned Ryerson can run his own pit

In the sandbox, what stops the Secretary of Interest Payments from simply downloading the rock solid Redneck trading pit, and configure it as a savings and loan, Ned is the only borrower, he modifies the pit boss.

So Ned has this room with a thousand processors, with spawn enabled,. The pits collect deposits against his loans.  This is simply a gigantic S&L with one borrower.
But taxes received are also on deposit, whaddy know.  Ned can just pay bills from this single nest of pits, and check out digits as needed, no problem. Well, just one problem, Ned always runs a deficit, so principle and deposits builds up until balance sheet has digits get sluggish.  In terms of containers, we have this situation where the government container arrives later, and is larger. The distribution system gets jammed, pricing does not work, containers become less than optimally full due to the constant build up of deposits../

so customers use WalMart coin instead.

That is the current system, Every time Ned runs in red, the balance sheets grow at the Swamp.  Hence, Ned needs a default method; he needs to configure the pit boss with a loss, a loss with a random walk.  The longer we run trillion dollar deficits, the larger the balance sheet that needs losing.  If we do default some bonds, then price distribution becomes saddle back, decoupled.

The problem here is that much of the currency risk since about 1985, all that currency risk got costed to government. Inflation hedges, cost plus contracts, bailouts, implicit debt guarantees, and a host of horrible decisions.

The pit can spread the back due currency losses as a trending wiener, easily hedged, to some precision.  It is able to do thus because the pit doesn't use time, it measures probability, and finds the price quants that best fit, and awards the amortization payments. Anyone can put cash on deposit and earn, probably, the inflation rate as bonds are forced into short amortization with invented digits.

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