Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama and US Aid agency causing havoc in India

I got a tip from another blog about the USAID interference in the India demonetization disaster 
BENGALURU: The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the launch of a new initiative, called Catalyst, on Friday, in partnership with the Indian finance ministry, to scale digital payments systems in India. The project will be implemented in a single city as a pilot to increase digital payments before it is taken to other cities. 
Badal Malick, who was till last month the vice-president of omnichannel strategy at online marketplace Snapdeal, has been appointed th .. 

This had nothing to do with making cash efficient, this was all about getting Indians to write a letter to government every time they made a crash transaction.  In other words, this was another of Obama's big brother efforts across the world, an act of war against the Indian people committed by some US agency.

 We have a lot of kanosians out there playing this game. They claim that maximum entropy cash theory means government can plan negative interest rates. It is nothing of the sort, maximum entropy banking theory means no hedger opportunity, even for government.

. The gains and losses by the currency banker are innovations, the risk the currency takes in pricing insider information into the sandpit. I knew this would happen. Once I opened up about the impossibility of debt based cash, I sat back and watched all the fools rush in thinking this was another tool for government to manipulate the citizens. Kanosians, simply dedicated war criminals.

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