Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The California secession plot of 2014

I blogged about it in detail, even Obama commented.  

It was a plot hatched by John Perez of the CA legislature, and Nancy Pelosi to run on a political platform of union with Mexico, or greater California, however you name it.  Obamacare had the roll of getting our southern neighbors on the federal payroll, then give them the legal, illegal alienship right to vote twice, once in central america and once in California.  They would use their mandatory voter, photo ID to vote in one nation, and in California, unshow that same ID to vote here.

Obama publicly commented that it made no sense, California already vote Dem, its the union law out here. I think we need formal union approval to run a candidate, and the union rules specify Dems only.

But, I digress.  The plot had a couple of things wrong.  

1) We only want Baja California, Mexico can keep the rest.  Our founding fathers started there, and John C. Fremont should have lead the force down there instead of Stockton. Had he done so, we would have saved the Franciscan nation, avoided the civil war and survived as a people.  Instead, we got this huge fat Walrus in some Swamp wallowing about it its own sewage, emitting horrendous stenches.

2) It was friggen obvious that Texas was not going to pay for the welfare costs, especially medical, and us dumb little browns thought we could snooker them.
Jerry Brown drove the get away car.

Any way, that is why we have Trump, Pelosi's secession plot failed.

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