Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Laffer curve, like the counter cyclical policy, like Shiller's housing index; mosty aggregation noise

Narrative Economics and the Laffer Curve

We are full, Bullshit, says Schiller, though Schiller us careful to describe their bullshit, not his.  But none of the aggregate stories make sense, especially Shiller nonsensical housing indexes.  His housing thing attempt to make us believe there are some things called that standard cities in America.  absolutely untrue.

So, why  does a homo sapien like this Schiller guy fail  to see his own description?  Does he not realize that the probability folks have him nailed on his stupid little index? Is he that delusional?

Tim who posted the article must have considered all the idiot stories coming from the Kanosians, yet he fails to even mention that possibility.  Schiller has always been a bit delusional, Tim will simply with hold the facts, like Dean Baker.

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