Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The right of judicial divinity

Here we have the California Supreme Court issuing a ruling about some legislation.  
Note the legislation. issue some ahency the right to issue rules and regulations, subject to penalty of law, I might add.

What rules and regulations? 
Not stated really, except this is insurance regulation.  But it matters not, the right has been granted by the legislature, the voters agree, and this agency is free to  write rules and regulations all it wants.

CalWatch: The state Supreme Court, however, found that neither “the UIPA nor any other statute categorically limits the commissioner’s authority to issue the regulation. On the contrary: section 790.10 explicitly vests in the commissioner authority to issue ‘reasonable rules and regulations’ to administer the UIPA. Which is what the commissioner sought to do here.”

Good idea?   No, really stupid.  The little browns are better off praying for a miracle.  These are not all knowing Franciscan priests. The folks on these commissions are almost as ill prepared for the industry as are the voters,  There id no divinity, just all of us little Browns, and by pretending there is a divinity, we little browns make matters worse for ourselves.

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