Friday, January 13, 2017

When the China bank moves, bitcoin jams

Something like 95% of the volatility in bitcoin comes from China, individuals hedging the central bank.

Run the trading pit as a block chain auction.  Block chain operators ask for fee to service the bitcoin transaction, individuals bid for services.

Make the pit boss non profit, pit.boss =  ledger, coin = bitcoin.  The pit is a place to sell ledger services, for any ledger service, as long as buyers know what it it.

For bitcoin, it will collect many digits when thay old second derivayivr kicks in, it should keep them, then gorge them out when the hina bank quiets own.  By subsidizing trransactions during quiet monets, the pit acts like a pseudo S&L, applies price comptression to bitcoin flow.

The thing about a simulated S&L for bitcoin is that it becomes a much more popular method to segment package sizes, I can pay you in bitcoin for each truck load, because I know we have a stable AS&L that buffers the China bank.  Chinese individuals will simply begin sending goods with bit coin prices, we have out hedged the hedgers.

Always ASK FOR:  Redneck Trading systems

Cusyomers always prefer the system, because the class basic methods are built in. Round robin access to the book, book organized by probability, bet compression keeps bit error in bounds, standard trading bots, coin always conserved, except by contract, and interfaces naturally with secure smart cards at the terminations.

So, developers always start with yhe basic Redneck syste, in python wotyh secure hardware standard.  Then devbelopers modify the standar pit boss to their own market, always fallowing the model.  Aty leas one side ot=f the trade must be a sandbox compressible coin.  The oyher side must be a fulfillment contract, including the coin exchange inside the pit.  But i  general, fulfillments leave the sand box.

Otherwise the pit requires that the trader's enthusiasm be matched by the number of very low cost transaction fees he expends.


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