Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An ignoramus from Real Clear Politics

Brian Kennedy:

President Trump has pledged to build a national missile defense. Its strategic necessity is greater, if less well-understood, than the wall he will be building on our southern border. When completed, Trump will have done what no president, including Ronald Reagan, has done: ensure that the American people are not vulnerable to the strategic designs of a foreign power. Our freedom and our constitutional order cannot be guaranteed so long as a single command by a Russian or Chinese president or an Iranian mullah could mean the end of American civilization. It would be fair for President Trump to ask his generals how we have arrived in this position.Brian.
We have spent over 2 trillion on Reagan's  inability  to understand the issue. Then you complain because offensive missiles adapt easily to the SDI.  Rather than continue with our mis-understanding of the issue, can can go directly to fixed point.

Tell the Trumpster to either pay off the 2 trillion invested  or declare it a loss  If noy, Brian, we will declare it a loss. mathematically, and the bots will name it the 2 trillion bonehead Brian Kennedy bond default sequence, we will trade your ignorance.

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