Saturday, March 11, 2017

Auto swap

Swap Execution Facility (SEF) (sometimes Swaps Execution Facility)[1] is a platform for financial swap trading that provides pre-trade information (i.e. bid and offer prices) and a mechanism for executing swap transactions among eligible participants.
There we go, the official name for the sandbox trading pits.  Note the S&L technology is best described as a timeless swap, which I have called the asynchronous, adjusted interest payment. Autotrade is standard in the pits.

What about this:

February 2017 SEF Tracker data shows record level of trading activity

When Trumpster got the win, we all changed basket sizes. Hence we need lots of swaps to get fills and empties better aligned in the basket brigade.

Redneck Pits are self regulated, no need for government a all.

Regulators worry the bit error process will grow out of bounds, but Redneck price compression parameterizes the bit error process with volatility bounds that is priceable.  Then in standard configuration, Redneck comes with the even money trading bot, guaranteed to keep potential gain and losses less than currency uncertainty.

Government regulation is chasing down thumbprints

Our legislature will pass a law requiring all of us to trade only in amber, and we are required to thumbprint that agreement.  Pure cash knows nothing of this, there is no pure cash rule which requires trades have specified government approval.  So government does it just like today, you agree to IRS rules; else the government thumb print and your thumb print will have a personal meeting, arranged by the paper yellow pages..

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