Thursday, March 2, 2017

I define my word to be morally superior to your word

INET: Nowhere is the toxic effect of privatization on America’s public wellbeing more evident than in the sphere of education. Today, politicians in thrall to neoliberal ideology seek to subordinate the democratic mission of public education to a theory of market-driven economic development and social organization. The phantasmagorical belief in neutral “scientific” expertise as the primary basis for policymaking has, therefore, profoundly antihuman as well as antidemocratic implications.

What the frigf is public education?   

Federal public education, UN  public education, no Euro wide publics education, little in Africa.  The definition of public education is all over the map.  It is an unworkable definition.

Is it local? Does it matyter that the school gboard in in Washington instead of local?

The author was raised in a dumbshit world, insulated in which the group vot4d on  which words had moral absolutes.  Clueless.

His messager is simpler.  Government should pay for his goodies, not mine.

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