Saturday, March 4, 2017

I don't think we humans are allowed inside pure cash

Sort of a bummer, stop you are both wrong.  It is not human autonomy from government, it is cash autonomy from humans.

The fulfillment contract and token verification services are where the humans line up to interact.  Otherwise, everything inside the pit is bounded contracts under timeout. except, in proportional democracies,the government can send in the sheriff and cut the power in the data centers.

And the apps:

The other human interface are the hardware wallets and the apps, naturally, those brilliant devices, have an ability to deal with odds making, they are bookies.  models, where conditional probability is almost complete and closed; allowing to container algebra to work in the economy, above smart cash, up in smart contracts.  That other place where we all become zillionares.

Otherwise, once fingerprinted, a contract runs to conclusion, auto trades to completion.  Thumbprints have to keep track of their trading bots, the bots themselves, operating in the sandbox, have no reason to report back to a thumbprint.

What about humans configuring?

OK, humans add hardware.  But, pure cash is a queuing and congestion management system, the trading pits know how to spawn, as do the bots.  Python Steal,  Redneck's preferred python provider has a nice network configuration interface, works at the IP layer.  The pits know how to use that.

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