Sunday, March 5, 2017

I doubt it

Business Insider: But perhaps the most interesting feature currently rumored for the so-called "iPhone 8" is a new "3D" camera. The 3D camera would be the first step towards a technology called "augmented reality," which integrates the internet with the real world. It's a technology Apple CEO Tim Cook is fond of talking about in public. 
It would take a heck of an addiction  to  run around in a  fake world.  Timmy should be doing sandbox.

Tech Insider: To hear Apple CEO Tim Cook tell it, augmented reality — the hot new technology for projecting digital images into the real world, Pokémon Go-style — is "a big idea like the smartphone."But to Alex Kipman, Microsoft Technical Fellow and chief inventor of Microsoft's pioneering augmented reality headset HoloLens, that's underselling it. Augmented reality and virtual reality technology will have a far bigger impact than smartphones ever did, Kipman told Business Insider in an interview.
I still doubt it, but we will see. 

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