Friday, March 10, 2017

Lossy vs lossless compression in he sandbox

A Better Scaling Solution Than Segwit? Sergio Says So

Sergio is doing a neat thing with his start up, executing a lossless comprtession of the blockchain.  Lossless, the blockchains is compressed in size (by as much as 8/1) yet can be recovered.  This neat ideram greater lowers the network overhead of passing around block, more transactions per block.  I am just going into the details, two things are happening. 1) Delta coding ov value, and 2) Referencing a previous owner address without repeating the entire string/  Both compression methods have been around for quite some time.

So, what is delta coding and how does it work with price compression.  Delta coding records the difference between adjacent values, in a set.  In this case, Sergiuo codes the change in account, not the new number.  Changes tend to have a smaller spread and can carry the same precision with fewer digits.  Price compression is a bit like lossy compression which is a higher dimensional form of delta coding.  Price compression is lossy, but here is the TOE catch. 

The compression losses are captured in the S&L bit error account, an unowned, untradeable coin value which is always less than the first 'denomination' on the S&L quantized graphs. But values lossed and gained are accounted.  That is what makes price compression a congestion buffering technology, yet is conserves coin.
hythoff game canmbe thought of as an aggregate of savers and borrowers trying to keep the bit error managed, as a queue.  That is reverse the variables.

Adapting the Redneck trading it to the Sergio method

Simple pit boss rules, when the bit error reaches some value, a sub-block of entries is made.  When enough sub block afre entered, the block chain ledger is called.  So, in this methd, the SA&L technology serves one purpose, adjusting everyone to use the proper basket sizes for some segmented container group. It can take bitcoin from the block chain, split itu-, pickit up later for gather, and do this with dual price compression, known verifiable pit boss, transaction pricing all autottraded. Just set a simple pit boss rule, the next million transactions will occupy six denominations, period. ariations handled properly in bit error.

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