Saturday, March 18, 2017

Poliyically correct judges make shit up

Dissenting judges are starting to notice the Sotomayor philosophy in regards to the travel ban.  This is what I warned about Spotomayor and Obama, they just make up the law as hey go along.  If judges become mentally ill as result of the election, they should recuse themselves,they suffer Sotomayor stupidity, a mental disorder among affirmative action females.  This is grounds for secession.

The dissenting judges objected that there is an “obligation to correct” the “manifest” errors of the panel.  It called those errors “fundamental” and even questioned the manner in which the panel reached its decision with a telephonic oral argument.  The dissent raised many of the problems that various commentators have raised, including myself.  The lack of consideration to opposing case law, failure to address the statutory authority given to the President, and the sweeping dismissal of executive authority are obvious flaws. (These problems are also apparent in the ruling in Hawaii, though it was based on establishment rather the due process grounds) The dissenting judges refer to the “clear misstatement of law” in the upholding of the district court.  so bad it compelled “vacating” an opinion usually mooted by a dismissed case.

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