Saturday, March 11, 2017

Republcan Communists notice deficits

NRO notices deficits:

It [CBO]  also assumes only modest interest rate increases, which is important given that the national debt already sits at $20 trillion and is slated to increase by another $10 trillion over the next decade. CBO estimates that each one-point rise in interest rates adds $1.6 trillion to the ten-year budget deficit — $262 billion of which comes in the tenth year, as costs accelerate. Thus, a four-point interest-rate hike would cost taxpayers $6.4 trillion over the decade, and more than $1 trillion in the tenth year alone — far more than the cost of defense or Medicaid spending. 

At the ten year point, after a senate spending, the roll over payments cause a sudden jump in payments, followed by Central Bank bailing out the senate,  The process stops, and we default, when millennials discover they are paying for long lost bailouts. and they exercise nullification.  It is nearing the ten year point for some 4 trillion in Republican losses under the Bushie. The comes the losses from Obama's 8 trillion in losses.

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