Thursday, March 2, 2017

Say Brad, try explaining the cycle

If you think John Taylor is a politician. then why have you not explained why recessions are coincident with federal policy, as is quite evident in this chart. If the Swamp truly could be counter cyclical, the recessions would be more randomly distributed.

None of the Kanosians have explained why recessions go with government elections, and why this completely invalidates most of Kanosian stimulus theory/.

Why would Kanosians simply generate one recession after another as this chart suggests. In fact, this seems to be the only solution, the Kanosian Swampers causes recessions, it does not counter them.

In the eight years I have posted this chart, not a one economists as explained it.  But channel theory gives you the answer straight away, Texas and California swap places every eight years, and the switch causes a recession. Kanosians, get out of our colleges and universities. Kanosians cause human catastrophe.

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