Friday, March 17, 2017

Timmy's air pocket with Apple Wallet

A year old study of telephone banking, using the smart phone. Folks don't like buying stuff with the smart phone because they cannot take crank calls and have fun with the smart phone anymore.

So what do the shoppers prefer? Something like a credit card. dedicated to money. The demand for hardware wallets is growing. I chronicle that below, the first section is the bad news about telephone wallets, they are selling as well as the toilet wallet:


 THE PERCENTAGE PEOPLE THAT EVEN TRY WALLETS HAS FLATTENED OUT AND IS ACTUALLY DECLINING FOR APPLE PAY Steady though small decreases in trying Apple Pay since March 2016 Others have been roughly flat

USAGE BY THOSE WHO HAVE AND CAN USE FOR TRANSACTION VERY LOW AND QUITE FLAT  Samsung Pay has highest usage at 4.5%; roughly constant for 1.5 years Apple Pay has second highest at 4.0%; roughly constant for 2.5 years Walmart Pay third at 3.3% 8 months in Android Pay lowest usage at 1.1%; roughly constant for 1.5 years 
 REASONS FOR NOT TRYING MOBILE WALLET  For all wallets, security concerns are becoming less of an issue More people are happy with their current payment methods

OK, so what is going on with the hardware wallets?

Trezor is based in Japan:

Over the past three years, particularly throughout 2016, Trezor began to experience an explosive increase in the demand for their security-focused hardware wallets. A rising number of users started to depend on hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger or KeepKey to keep their bitcoin and user funds safe within a non-custodial wallet platform.On June 14, 2016, Trezor was sold out for the first time in the company’s history. The introduction of various features and products such as the Password Manager and the joint project between with Cryptosteel spurred the demand for their hardware wallets.
The market analysts have not yet figured out the ifference between telephone wallets and hardware wallets. So take he Trezor example as one markey, the Japan market.

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