Saturday, March 18, 2017

Triple entry accounting?

Moving the group through a spiral, I guess.  Here are some triple entry accounts:'<loan,deposit,FDIC>,<loan,deposit,gold>, <position, momentum,light>

In each case the third entry is a boat anchor compared to the first two. I dunno how it works. Economically, the FDIC three way trade seems to devolve to G and the senators hanging out.  And light, its quantized? OK, it has an error function, but we will rarely notice it.  Gold miners still find new deposits and jewelry becomes i and out of fashion.

So,if the cash cards want a triple entry, make it a third color, almost out of band. An ongoing bet on volatility (system precision) suddenly changing. Dunno how, not that advanced.

But, for the sandbox, the natural triple is:
<loan,depoit,cycle price>  The cost of scanning the pit, the sandbox uses this, naturally, as the volatility bet. If the cycle price goes off the chart, the pit is likely going bankrupt. Somehow the pit boss has left a huge hedge, arbitrage moment a stampede happened. Who you gonna call?

How doesthe triple work on the card?

Well, youi had your red/green.  Now you had the blue tinge. So, you are driving home, a third tank you see the short line. But whoa, it has the bule tinge, information is costly. You skip the purchase, maybe skip the stop at the store. If your bot is paying a flexible cycle price, then you trigger a series of costs as your bot adjusts you S&L balances. But if you swipe, the bot has no choice, it is not in a position to bet the blue. Well, not until Redneck releases multi-color, but I think we need quantum computing. The quantum hardware support makes the cycle price into boat anchor.

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