Monday, March 13, 2017

We are missing a point

Bitcoin News: Europe is seeking to further tighten its grip on digital currencies including bitcoin. Previously, the European Commission has only proposed strict rules for digital currency exchange platforms and custodian wallet providers. Last week, the European Parliament proposed additional amendments meant to regulate digital currency businesses, adding a multitude of business categories, specifically disallowing anonymity.
First, this is a random shot bt the bureaucrats. The mutual understanding between these folks,the commies, and California; right now is is bureaucrats getting scared.  They are going to figure it out.

What do they need to know?
The hardware wallets are multi currency, necessity.  They do not work otherwise, they engage in sequences of two color trades, automatically.  Bureaucrats have to understand, this is not a threat to anyone, it s just like before, just automated.

The sandbox offers monopoly centralbanks lots of options, being the sole currency is not one of them.  They will gain the power to default on bond, opportunistically. But that means central banks ae willing to yield market share to other currencies.  But nothing collapses, except a  collapse equal to the standard uncertainty unit.

It is just a technology change. It will be much more difficult to kick long cans, however kicking the short shots from any angle will be easy.

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